Creating an Engaged Organisation™

Engagement is key for entrepreneurial success

Engagement is important to businesses of every sector and size, from those with a handful of employees to those with tens of thousands. However, engagement solutions have historically focused on larger corporations that have woken up to the massive commercial impact of improving engagement. Frankly, you don’t need to pay an expensive consultant to come into your business and borrow your watch to tell you the time. The keys to turning your organisation into an Engaged Organisation already lie within your business—you just need to know how to find them and use them.

Engaged Organisation elements

Engaged Organization Core Dimension Diagram

An Engaged Organisation is the result of four key elements that work together in a harmonious way. It’s these four essential elements which, when combined, create and protect the Engaged Organisation. Many engagement programs focus on creating engaged customers, but until a company has cultivated the four component parts identified below, focusing on customers is a mistake.

Engaged Purpose™

An Engaged Purpose is a written statement that clearly communicates to your team what your company does and why. It details the transformation you are trying to create and provides the ‘why’ for all the functions within your business.

Engaged Ownership™

Owners who are passionate about engagement within their organisations will experience its benefits — greater success and satisfaction at work and at home, higher profits, and better relationships with employees and customers. Becoming an Engaged Owner requires going the extra mile, but the prize of having the company you’ve always dreamt about is worth it!

Engaged Leaders™

These are your managers, supervisors, team leaders, or something unique to your organisation. Whatever the terminology in your company, when these people embrace the principles of engagement, they can rightfully be called Engaged Leaders.

Engaged Employees™

Engaged Employees sit at the front line. In most businesses, employees are where Engagement meets the outside world. Without Engaged Employees, you will never have an Engaged Organisation.

Engagement Resources

Engagement Resources

The Engaged Organisation™ book

For more on creating an Engaged Organisation, read the book that started it all. The Engaged Organisation gives you all the knowledge you need to increase engagement in your organisation.

Engaged Organisation Scorecard™

The Engaged Organisation Scorecard™ gives an organisation their engagement score, but it also sparks creative problem-solving thoughts and conversations. It is an invaluable tool that guides you in understanding the dimensions and where your organisation truly stands.

Keys to Engagement series

The Keys to Engagement Series guides provide actionable guidance in each of the core Engagement Dimensions. You’ll have access to volumes of our experience and advice that make it easy to achieve lasting engagement in your organisation.

Engagement Multiplier® Program

Engagement Multiplier on desktop and mobile

As a result of working with over a hundred businesses using the Scorecard, Stefan decided to create an online engagement platform called Engagement Multiplier. This platform automates the manual process of using the Scorecard, introduces greater confidentiality and saves time and effort for businesses, owners and teams. The results are packaged for everyone in the organisation via digital dashboards, delivering additional insight and value. It’s a unique and highly effective automated engagement program specifically built for entrepreneurs.

Engagement Multiplier® makes it easy to create your own Engaged Organisation

The Engagement Multiplier Program provides easy-to-use tools and expert guidance to measure and continuously improve your company’s engagement. Visit to see just how easy building an Engaged Organisation can be.

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