Stefan Wissenbach

Entrepreneur, author and speaker

About Stefan

A serial entrepreneur, Stefan is passionate about the transformational impact engagement has on organisations and the people that own them and work within them.

His vision and focus is on helping 100 million people to become more engaged. His books, businesses and speaking engagements provide education and inspiration to enable businesses and individuals to fulfill their potential and bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement. His unique approach is to simplify the complex and provide a framework for people to take action, distilling a lifetime of learning into simple success strategies that anyone can master.

For over 20 years he has been a leading adviser to successful entrepreneurs on engagement through his private consulting firm Wissenbach Private Clients. He is the founder of, a digital platform that enables businesses and individuals all over the world to simply and efficiently measure and improve engagement levels every 90 days.

He is a best selling author. His latest book, The Engaged Organisation, explains how business owners can build the business they dream about. His first book, Slaying Dragons & Moving Mountains focuses on simple ways for individuals to become more engaged and achieve personal success. He is also the co-author of Change Agents with Brian Tracy and Think & Grow Rich Today.

He is the creator of The Magic Number® and the Founder of and the co-founder of The Magic Future Foundation, which has built four schools in Africa.

His ‘uncommon’ common sense approach has enabled hundreds of companies to raise engagement levels, improve profits and reduce waste – whilst becoming happier places to work.

Stefan is married with three children, and lives in Warwickshire, England.

Creating an Engaged Organisation™

In today’s world, you can’t afford to not focus on engagement. Businesses that embrace engagement take on an energy level which results in consistent improvement and growth and ultimately, in some cases, exponential outcomes. Stefan has the tools and framework to make it easy.

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